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Elementary School Class_ Teacher Uses Interactive Digital Whiteboard, Explains Lesson to D

UniDoodle Student Response System

Understand your students like never before

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How does UniDoodle work?
Build a culture of collaborative learning and win the battle for skills
Technology Class

UniDoodle is the perfect teaching tool! Whether you're running tutorials in small groups, catering to a lecture theatre of hundreds, or teaching remotely, connect instantly with all of your students and engage on a deeper level.

Multiple ways to interact with your students


Create a template in advance or draw something new on the fly, the choice is yours

Multiple choice

Classic polling for diehard Who Wants to be a Millionaire fans

Type a question

Test knowledge, collect opinions and foster collaborative discussions

Use an image

Upload directly from your device gallery to create detailed templates
Image by Jeswin Thomas

"I have presented UniDoodle at numerous local, national and international mathematics and education conferences. The response has been unbelievable, with many people now using UniDoodle across a range of disciplines."

Extended Trial Partner

Mathematics lecturer in Australia

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