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We are UniDoodle

Small but mighty, with big ambitions. We're on a mission to revolutionise the teaching of skills and provide non-traditional learners with a podium to show off their wins.

Our Story

UniDoodle is the brainchild of Dr Seamus McLoone, an electronic engineering lecturer based in Maynooth University in Ireland.

Frustrated by the limitations of traditional clicker systems and existing classroom response systems, he took it upon himself to create something new so that students could take a more active role in the classroom, and teachers wouldn't have to wonder why their students were leaving lectures every year with common misunderstandings.

UniDoodle debuted in 2015 as the world's first native mobile classroom response system and has featured in several academic papers. Seamus continues to methodically research the effectiveness of UniDoodle in the classroom and is always keeping an eye out for possible improvements.

Seamus enjoys talking to enthusiastic educators, so don't be shy, reach out!

Having spent time in industry working for Microsoft and IBM, Christine Kelly came on board in 2015 to turn Seamus's vision into reality, and gave UniDoodle its name. 

As our Technical Lead, she is a true believer in UniDoodle's mission, and loves to hear about the impact it has in classrooms around the world.


Denise O'Grady is our Commercial Lead, having joined the team in 2017. A serial entrepreneur with three successful companies under her belt, she perfectly strikes the balance between being a dreamer and pragmatist.

Denise is dedicated to overcoming barriers in business and influencing change. She brings her vision to UniDoodle, determined to represent non-traditional learners, and intends to make the world a better, easier, more comfortable and forward thinking place to be.

UniDoodle wouldn't be where it is today without the endless wisdom and support provided by Peter Conlon. Peter is a core member of MaynoothWorks, the Maynooth University office for Knowledge Transfer, Enterprise Partnership and Business Innovation.

Peter plays a key part in fostering the development of high-tech spin-out companies from the University by supporting business plan and product roadmap development, by advising on how licensed University intellectual property can have maximum strategic impact and by supporting companies through their various funding rounds.

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