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UniDoodle student response system

Feature rich, without the fuss. We keep things simple while giving you the functionality you really need.

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Anonymous or non-anonymous responses

Use UniDoodle in anonymous mode when you're in the mood for formative assessment and want maximum participation. Want to encourage meaningful discourse in class? Opt to show names instead and easily identify your participants.

Multiple question types to engage and interact with your students

Keep it simple

Sketch it

If you can draw it, you can doodle it! Use our sketching mode to tackle equations, circuits, connective relationships and so much more.

Prepare carefully-crafted hand drawn templates in advance, come up with something new on the spot, or send a blank canvas to your students for ultimate creative freedom.

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Embrace tradition

Multiple Choice Questions

Use UniDoodle's built-in MCQ mode for the times when you need to get back to basics.

See results on a choice of charts to visualise your data and gain instant insights.

Ask questions on the fly

Type it out

Our text mode is the perfect tool for open-ended questions. Test understanding the old-fashioned way, or gather a room full of opinions in seconds.

Our educators particularly like text questions for giving their quietest students a voice.

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Make it visual

Use an image

Use the in-app upload feature to use an image from your camera or gallery, or upload highly detailed templates from your computer using our dedicated upload portal.

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